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Purchase 'No-Slip' Foam for your home

Looking for hanger covers for your home?  You are at the right place!





'No-Slip' Foam Covers

 'No-Slip' Foam will prevent garments from slipping off plastic and wire hangers. The Foam Cover keeps garments on the hanger and not on the closet floor!  Also protects against unwanted and unsightly folds in garments.


Quantity 50 units of 'No-Slip' Foam  per bundle
Price 5.00$ US  per bundle (min order is 5 bundles)
Freight cost USA & Canada included in price above
Colors available BLUE, PINK, GREEN
Payment Paypal only
  1. Click on Purchase below to send us an email with your request.

  2. Specify options and colors needed.

An invoice will be sent via Paypal.   As soon as we receive the funds, your order will be mailed promptly.  Thank you and enjoy!

Yes, PURCHASE 'No-Slip' Foam Covers!


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